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Special Education

The Special Education Program allows students with disabilities to receive specially designed instruction tailored to meet their individual needs and potential. It allows students the opportunity to be active learners at a comfortable pace in a supported and resourceful environment. UACHS has an active Child Study Team consisting of a School Psychologist, two School Social Workers, and a Learning Disability Teacher Consultant. UACHS offers students who are eligible for special education and related services the program options of teacher consultation services, in-class support services, and resource room pullout support or replacement services.


The program seeks to help remediate academic, social, and emotional deficits, while empowering students with disabilities to have productive educational experiences and successful lives.


The process of being evaluated for eligibility for Special Education and Related Services is initiated by referral. Referrals for Special Education and Related Services can be made by a student (student referring himself or herself), a Parent or Legal Guardian, or school staff. If a student, parent or legal guardian, or a school staff member would like to make a referral to the Special Education Program, the request must be made in writing to Ms. Rocio Paulino and Ms. Aisha Bowers the school social workers.


Special Education Parent Survey

Special Education Parent Advisory Group application


Parental Rights In Special Education:

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Parent Resources:

Teacher Resources:

Writing Strategies for Students with ADHD

Instructional Activities for Different Learning Styles

Co-Teaching Approaches


Child Study Team Members:

Rocio Paulino, School Social Worker, 201-200-2505, [email protected]

Aisha Bowers, School Social Worker, 201-200-3537, [email protected]

Hillary Sosa, Child Study Team Assistant/Clerk, 201-200-2249, [email protected]

Dr. James Lennon, School Psychologist, (201) 200-2583, [email protected]

Pascale Nelson, Speech and Language Therapist, (201) 200-3200

Allan Jauregui, Learning Disability Teacher Consultant, [email protected]