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The school closure has been extended through Spring Break with a tentative reopening of Monday April 20, 2020... Remote Learning will continue, except during Spring Break 4/10/2020-4/17/2020. Please contact Mr. Sawyer at for breakfast and lunch program questions....

Learning Plan for School Closure

Learning Plan During School Closure

Ms. Minor

School is Scheduled to reopen March 30, 2020


Daily Assignments:


Schoology will be the main source of communication. Every school day students’ must go online and check for their assignments. All assignments will be posted by 10:00am. All classwork will be in the form of an assignment posted on Schoology with the date in the title. Students are required to "like" and/or comment on updates posted to Schoology about assignments in verify that they have received and understand that day's assignment. If a student needs assistance with an assignment they must message the teacher on the day the assignment is given during "school hours".



Assignment Submissions:

All assignments must be submitted to the appropriate Schoology submission tab unless specified otherwise. All assignments have due dates and times. Students must submit their classwork by 11:59pm on the date the assignment is given unless advised otherwise.




 I will be available from 10am -3pm everyday on schoology and through my email

Ms. Chaneski will be available 10am-3pm on schoology and through her email. Ms.

Ms. Aguilar will be available from 10am-12pm via schoology message.