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The school closure has been extended through Spring Break with a tentative reopening of Monday April 20, 2020... Remote Learning will continue, except during Spring Break 4/10/2020-4/17/2020. Please contact Mr. Sawyer at for breakfast and lunch program questions....
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Tips on Getting Your Work Done at home!

Working from home can be tough if you don't have discipline. What has helped me is the Pomodoro Technique which means (Step 1) that you put your phone on AIRPLANE mode or in another room, (Step 2) then put the timer on 25 minutes, (Step 3) then you work hard for 25 minutes with NO DISTRACTIONS, (Step 4) when the timer goes off, you take a 5 to 10 minute break ONLY and check your phone. After the 5 or 10 minute break, you start over with Step 1.

Another helpful tip would be to start each day to a to-do checklist with what you hope to complete each day. Time management is important. Most of you don't know that aside from University, I  am self-employed so I, too, work hard to practice discipline. I need every day to be a productive day.

Pomodoro Technique Video

Great Day!

Welcome to a great day! This is a new day, a day that you have never seen before. Today is 2/13/2015!  2/13/2015 never tangibly existed before. You may have envisioned this day but you have never lived this day before. Make the best of today. Maximize your opportunity today and everyday. Live, Love, and Laugh. 
-K. Terry, MSW,  LSW
School Social Worker