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First day of school is September 6, 2022... Enjoy your summer!
Mr. Dave Joisil » Welcome to my page!

Welcome to my page!

Hello! My name is Mr. Joisil, I teach Physical Education and Driver's Education.
Here are the classroom rules and how students will be graded:
1) Class Participation: Each student must be dressed in their appropriate recommended uniform
and sneakers every day. Failure to participate in class while dressed will result in an unprepared
mark for the day. Acceptable attire includes sneakers (no boots, sandals, slippers, crocks) and
school issued uniform.
PPC (participation, preparedness, conduct) = 45%
- Loss of PPC =Unprepared (no sneakers/ proper attire), not participating,
electronic violations, behavior, tardiness etc.
Test/ Assessments = 45%
- skill and written tests
Homework = 10%

2) Conduct and Attitude: Student(s) who disrupt the learning process in the gymnasium by
swearing and/or not adhering to the rules and regulations of the department will have their grade
penalized with the option of a detention pending the situation. This includes students being
uncooperative in class, disrupting the activity of the day, and displaying extreme negativity in the

3) Electronic Devices & Hats are NOT permitted in the gym. Student(s) will adhere to the
consequences of violating the school rules pertaining to electronic devices including cell phones,
electronic devices, and hats. Students who violate these regulations will lose full credit for
that gym class. Subsequent offenses will be reported to the administration who will intervene
with the student.

4) Locker Room Rules: no smoking, food or drinks allowed in the locker room or gym. Only
students assigned to the gym class will be allowed in the gym/locker room during class time. All
valuables must be locked in a locker. Only combination locks will be acceptable for use on gym
lockers and must be removed Daily. No one is allowed to remain in the locker room during class
and all materials, clothing, backpacks, and accessories MUST remain in a locker and

5) Attendance: is mandatory unless excused. A student can be medically excused from Physical
Education class when he/she has a written note from a Physician or the School Nurse. Students
with extended unexcused absences will be referred to the Dean.