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First day of school is this Tuesday 9/3/19 and all students must arrive and be in class before the 8:00AM bell.... Please be advised that effective immediately only visitors with appointments and a government issued identification card will be allowed entry to the school....
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Course Catalog

 Course Offerings

Algebra I (Revised: 9/2017)
Algebra I Honors (Revised: 9/2017) 
Algebra II (Revised: 9/2017)
Algebra II Honors (Revised: 9/2017)
AP Calculus (Revised: 1/2018)
AP Human Geography (Revised: 10/2018)
Art I (Revised: 4/2013) 
Art II (Revised: 1/2015)
Biology (Revised: 11/2015)
Biology Honors (Revised: 11/2015)
Chemistry (General) (Revised: 10/2016) 
Choir (Revised: 8/2015)
Creative Writing (Revised: 8/2019)
Economic Literacy (Revised: 10/2017) 
English I POR (Revised: 9/2017)
English II (Revised: 9/2017)
English II POR (Revised: 9/2017)
English III (Revised: 10/2017)
English III POR (Revised: 9/2017)
English IV (Revised: 10/2017)
English IV POR (Revised: 9/2017)
Film & Literature (Revised: 8/2019)
Geometry (Revised: 9/2017)
Geometry Honors (Revised: 9/2017)
Health I-III and Drivers Ed (Revised: 8/2017)
Human Anatomy & Physiology (Revised: 10/2016)
Instrumental Music (Revised 8/2015)
Intro to Office Computing (Revised: 9/2015) 
Journalism I (Revised: 5/2015)
Journalism II/III (Revised: 9/2015) 
Music Appreciation (Revised: 9/2015)
Music Production (Revised: 8/2017)
Physical Education I-IV (Revised: 8/2017) 
Physical Science (Revised: 5/2015) 
Physics (Revised: 8/2007)
Pre-Calculus (Revised: 2/2017) 
Professional Writing & Presentation (Revised: 8/2015) 
Sociology (Revised: 5/2015)
Selected Topics in Mathematics (Revised: 9/2017) 
Spanish I (Revised: 11/2016) 
Spanish II (Revised: 11/2016) 
US History I (Revised: 8/2015) 
US History I Honors (Revised: 9/2015) 
US History II (Revised: 09/2016) 
US History II Honors (Revised: 9/2016) 
Website Design (Revised: 9/2015)
World Culture and Geography (Revised: 8/2017)