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Remote Only Learning continues due to the statewide High COVID-19 Activity Level Index reports.  Please stay healthy and safe!

Spring Re-Opening Survey -- Please Complete by April 12

UACHS is scheduled to return to in-person learning in some fashion on Monday, April 26.
As we prepare to resume in-person learning, our top priorities are to do so safely and to support the students who have struggled the most during remote learning. To do that, we ask all UACHS families to complete this survey for each UACHS student by April 12:
Depending on the results of this survey, UACHS will resume in-person learning in one of two ways: 1) hybrid learning, where students would come to the school 2 mornings per week as in November, or 2) remain fully remote in the mornings but require all students who are failing one or more classes to come to the school from 1pm to 5pm, Monday-Thursday, to work directly with their teachers.
If enough students indicate on this survey that they would like to resume hybrid learning, that is likely what we will do; if the majority of parents choose to keep their students fully remote, then students who need more support to bring up their grades will come to the school in the afternoons, while the rest of the students stay fully remote. Students who fail a required class will have to complete a summer intensive program or repeat the course next year.
Please use the survey linked below to indicate your family's preferences for your student(s) in terms of whether they would participate in hybrid/in-person learning (coming to the school 2 mornings per week or every afternoon for supplemental instruction) or stay fully remote. You may review the school's health and safety practices here:
Please complete a separate survey for each of your children who attend UACHS by April 12:
In accordance with NJDOE regulation and the UACHS Re-Opening Plan, you may change your preference at any time during the remainder of the school year, and UACHS administration will accommodate the change by the start of the following week of school.
However, once you have completed this survey, if you change your preference, you must notify the school by submitting this form: -- scheduling and other safety arrangements are being made based on how many students will return to the school when in-person hybrid learning resumes.
Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to finishing the school year healthy and strong!