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Effective Monday 11/23 all students will return to Remote Learning.  Please contact for support with any remote learning needs.

UACHS Family Letter

Dear UACHS Family,

As we continue to work together to finish what has been a very challenging school year, I would like to take a moment, on behalf of the UACHS administration, faculty, and staff, to mourn the taking of George Floyd’s life and the countless men and women of color whose lives have been cut short by horrific acts of violence and racial injustice. We empathize with the pain, anger, and anxiety that these events cause our students and families, on top of the already difficult circumstances we endure during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As educators, we share this pain acutely with our students and their families, especially as it brings added worry about our students’ futures. We all should only have to worry about how our students are going to get into the college of their dreams, find the careers they will thrive in, and become leaders in their families and communities, not whether they will get home safely or be safe in their own homes. Unfortunately, that is not yet the world we live in.

And so, we are here for you, as the school year comes to an end and beyond. We take pride in and inspiration from the strength and resilience that our students have shown in persevering through this difficult time. We will celebrate the accomplishments of our Class of 2020 on June 25th and invite every member of the UACHS community to join us then, as we continue to do our part in “educating tomorrow’s leaders today” and creating a more just, peaceful, and equitable world for everyone. We wish you well and urge you to stay safe!


Mr. Erie Lugo, Jr.


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