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About Us » Teacher Evaluation for 2011-2012

Teacher Evaluation for 2011-2012

Teacher Evaluation for 2011-2012

Introduction: As part of the federal requirements for states’ receiving funding under Phase 2 of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Program, all school districts in New Jersey are providing information to the public on the procedures they use to evaluate teachers and principals. The information presented below will help you understand University Academy’s policies and procedures for evaluating teachers and educational specialists such as librarians and counselors.

Section 1: Description of Teacher Evaluation System

  1. Teacher evaluations begin with a Pre-Evaluation Conference where any questions regarding content or methodology can be addressed. The pre-conference is followed by an in-class observation, which informs the teacher evaluation rating scales and narrative. A post-conference is then held to discuss the evaluation outcomes. Teachers are provided an opportunity to include their remarks on the evaluation and then the teacher, evaluator, and the school principal sign it. The evaluation outcomes are used to develop teacher professional growth plans and the school professional development plans. During the classroom observations evaluators are rating the teacher’s 1) planning, preparation, and organization 2) classroom environment 3) instruction and 4) professional knowledge and responsibilities.
  2. The evaluation process differs between untenured and tenured teachers in that tenured teachers receive only one Formal Evaluation rather than three.

Section 2: Evaluation Outcomes Table

UACHS Teacher Evaluation Results

SY 2011-2012


Number of Teachers Meeting District/School Criteria for Acceptable Performance




Number of Teachers in District/School




Percentage of Teachers in District/School Meeting Criteria


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