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Principal's Evaluation for 2009-2010

Principal's Evaluation for 2009-2010

Introduction: As part of the federal requirements for states’ receiving funding under Phase 2 of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Program, all school districts in New Jersey are providing information to the public on the procedures they use to evaluate teachers and principals. The information presented below will help you understand University Academy’s policies and procedures for evaluating principals and assistant principals.

Confidentiality concerns: To protect the confidentiality of individual evaluations, districts are not required to provide a district-level statistical summary of principal evaluation outcomes in those cases where there are fewer than 10 principals in a district.

Section 1: Description of Principal Evaluation System

  1. The principal, who serves as the charter school lead person, is evaluated annually by the UACHS Board of Trustees in a narrative format after the annual meeting between the Board of Trustees and the school principal. The areas included in the evaluation include 1) local/state/federal reporting 2) problem solving and decision-making 3) human and public relations 4) professional and charter school concerns 5) communications 6) planning and leadership skills and 7) Charter School Outcomes. An annual meeting is held with the Board of Trustees where the school principal provides answers and evidenciary support for evaluation outcomes. The evaluation outcomes are used to inform professional growth plans and available professional development opportunities.
  2. The evaluation process is the same for tenured and nontenured principals. The only difference is that the principal is evaluated by the board of trustees and the assistant principal is evaluated by the principal.