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Mr. David Kimmel » Welcome to Mr. Kimmel's Classroom

Welcome to Mr. Kimmel's Classroom

This is the front page for Economic Literacy and Mr. Kimmel's section of United States History II.   
Week of 1/28
Economic Literacy
 If you did not complete "Sample Paystub for High School Student" worksheet in class, please finish for homework. 
United States History 2
Course Outline
Economic Literacy

Economic Literacy is designed to give students life-long money management and business skills by covering topics as far ranging as setting personal career goals, household budgeting, civic responsibility, to protecting one’s credit score and personal identity, to savings, investing, income tax and financial planning. The eight units of Economic Literacy will nurture the students’ understanding of how the ongoing interrelationships of economics, finance and politics will shape their personal financial lives. The students will develop their understandings of money management and finance by learning and practicing the academic skills of researching, reading, critical thinking, analyzing, and synthesizing historical stock information.


Unit 1 – Income and Careers


Unit 2 – Planning, Saving, and Investing


Unit 3 – Credit and Debt Management


Unit 4 – Money Management


Unit 5 – Becoming a Critical Consumer


Unit 6 – Civic Financial Responsibility and Taxes





United States History II


US History II is designed to help students to understand the origin, the development and the heritage of the United States, from a philosophic, a chronologic and a spatial perspective.  In this course, students will acquire knowledge of American history from the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929 to the geopolitical events of the world today, with major emphasis on the developing role of the United States in the post-WWII world.

Unit 1 - The Great Depression, The New Deal, and World War II


Unit 2 - Postwar United States: Cold War


Unit 3 - Postwar United States: Civil Rights and Social Change


Unit 4 - Contemporary United States: Domestic


Unit 5 - Contemporary United States: International Policies and Interconnected Global Society